Monday, 17 October 2016

Integrated Pest Management Senior Policy Analyst 
Victoria BC
Annual Salary: $65,033.32 - $74,351.64

BC is a North American leader in requiring Integrated Pest Management for pesticide use on public land.
The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Section provides leadership, professional expertise and policy development for the Ministry’s IPM Program. The IPM Program objectives are to promote risk reduction, prevent environmental and human health impacts from pesticides and administer the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation.

The IPM Senior Policy Analyst:

• Leads policy and legislation development for the IPM Program.
• Engages stakeholders in consultation on policy initiatives.
• Develops IPM outreach materials for regulated stakeholders and the public, including advice on IPM.
• Develops Best Management Practices for industry.
• Supports the BC government's goals for IPM by becoming a recognized and trusted national/international expert in this field.

To be considered for this position your resume must clearly demonstrate that you have the following:

·         A Bachelor of Science with a graduate degree in biology, chemistry, agriculture, forestry, environmental science or a related discipline; AND at least three (3) years of related experience OR
·         A Bachelor of Science degree in biology, chemistry, agriculture, forestry, environmental science or a related discipline ; AND at least five (5) years of related experience;


·         Minimum of one (1) year (with graduate degree) or three (3) years (with bachelor’s degree) of experience related to pest management and/or pesticide use.
·         Experience in environmental protection and environmental impact/risk assessment. This may encompass the following: managing pesticide drift or runoff to protect waterbodies and/or safe pesticide application or storage.
·         Substantial experience managing complex projects.
·         Experience in policy research, development, analysis and/or implementation, in a government or corporate setting.
·         Experience in developing and maintaining relationships and partnerships with stakeholders (such as clients, First Nations, NGOs or federal, provincial or local government).  
For more information on this career opportunity including how to apply online by October 25th 2016, please visit:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

IEPMA Invitation to a unique session on fruit tree pest issues
2 CEC credits available
In cooperation with the PMRA, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture you are invited to a dinner meeting and presentation on April 28 at Creekside pub Kelowna.
Pest Management, products and application techniques in the tree fruit industry are becoming increasingly more complicated and require better understanding of application methods. 
This meeting is meant to generate discussion and improve professionalism amongst applicators, companies and various government agencies. It is also an excellent opportunity to have one on one interaction with leading pest management experts in the tree fruit industry.
Dinner is at 5:30 and presentations start immediately after.
Participants are responsible for their drink and food.
2 CEC credits available for those that attend the approx. 2 hrs of presentations
Guest speakers will have a short presentation followed by an open forum and Q&A session.
Cherry fruit fly and Spotted Wing Drosophila -
Susanna Acheampong Entomologist BC Ministry of Agriculture Plant Health Unit
Communications - Yvonne Herbison Regional Pesticide Officer PMRA Kelowna
Provincial regulations - Margot Hollinger - Ministry of Environment Penticton
Worksafe BC - Steve Marino
Open Forum Q&A
Location: Creekside Pub 3929 Lakeshore rd. Kelowna, BC
Please respond by April 25 via email to iepmawc if you will be attending this informative session. 

There is no cost other than the dinner which is not mandatory to attend. There will be a sign up sheet at the session for you to register and for credit tracking.

Space is limited so book now. Please pass this on to other applicators and companies that would benefit by this session. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Policy update regarding amendments to the Integrated Pest Management Regulation – June, 2015

1. Introduction

The Ministry of Environment (the Ministry) is proposing revisions to the Integrated Pest Management Regulation relating to the sale and cosmetic use of pesticides. This follows extensive consultation on the topic. The purpose of this document is to describe the final proposed revisions, which have been developed in response to comments received during consultation.

The objectives of the proposed revisions are to ensure that:
Pesticides will be used by people with knowledge and training;

Pesticides will be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process; and

Public interaction with pesticide vendors at the point of sale will increase.

This document includes:
Background information regarding legislation and consultation on the cosmetic use of pesticides (section 2);

A description of the proposed revisions (section 3);

Intended implementation timeframe for the proposed revisions (section 4); and

Appendices with proposed Schedule 5 Pesticides (Domestic class only) and proposed revised Schedule 2 – Excluded Pesticides.

For more information click here to read the entire policy changes.

Monday, 17 November 2014