Thursday 7 January 2021

I regret to inform you that we have not been able to come up with a workable solution to our annual conference in Jan 2021. The restrictions on in person gatherings  led us to look at online options but the logistics just wont work for the IEPMA. We asked the provincial ministry to extend the roll over period for credits for an additional year so you would have the same credits going forward into 2022 which we were told is not possible.  To obtain credits in 2021 you will need to look for online courses such as PD Solutions. If you know that your certificate is expiring soon in 2021 and you have enough credits to renew I'd advise that you do so prior to its expiry date.  

For those of you that may require a few credits to allow recertification in 2021 the WCTA has extended an invitation to IEPMA members for their online course series.  There are four episodes scheduled for the Jan to March period that are limited to 100 participants with their current Zoom subscription.  IEPMA members are welcome to attend any of the episodes if they have extra space. Please click on the link below for course description and dates.   

If you do take part in one of the courses be sure to let our credit coordinator know so we can keep track of your credits. As more courses become available I'll send you the information.

Please take a moment and send the WCTA a thank you note for allowing IEPMA members to participate. 

Paul Visentin


IEPMA of Western Canada