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Pesticide and Pest Management Resources for BC Ornamental Landscapers 


Nursery Production Guide - Guide to best management practices in British Columbia for outdoor ornamental plants, including vines, perennials, shrubs, and trees BCMoA

Tables outlining pests of specific crops/ornamentals and the chemical and cultural control options available. Detailed information can be found on common insect pests and diseases of ornamentals. Extensive list of resources, publications and contacts.

Home & Garden Pest Management Guide for British Columbia

This comprehensive guide to pest management in the home and garden is available for purchase from British Columbia Crown Publications.  Links for this guide can be found at

Pesticide Label Search: Health Canada

Search here for the label of any pesticide registered in Canada OR Google “pesticide label search”

PMRA Fact Sheet: Reporting Pesticide Incidents

This is where you’ll find information on how to report a pesticide incident.

Pesticide Wise: BCMofA

Find info sheets on pesticides, preventing harmful pesticide exposure, and reducing non-target effects of spraying.

BC Ministry of Environment - Pesticides and Pest Management

Find publications and guides, pests and IPM information, regulations and requirements on this new ministry website.

BC Ministry of Agriculture Plant Health and Pest Management

Links to pest management publications, production guides, invasive species and pesticide information.

Western Canada Turfgrass Association

Find pesticide news, and information on field days, training and meetings for the turf industry.  Updated production guide will be published here in the future.

 Pesticide Disposal

Clean Farms Obsolete Pesticide Collection

Find information on free industry-sponsored collection events for obsolete pesticides, and the program for the collection of empty pesticide containers.

Product Care

Find a Product Care Paint Plus depot for the disposal of domestic pesticides and other household hazardous wastes

BC Environment Industry Association

Information on hazardous waste management in BC

 Worker Safety

Farm and Ranch Safety Health Association

Don’t forget to check out the “New FARSHA Resources” link!

OR Contact Carol Reid, Provincial Safety Consultant, Orchards & Vineyards

Phone: (250) 765-7025   Cell: (250) 215-5293   Email:

Worksafe BC

Health and Safety for Landscapers and Lawn Maintenance Companies

Crew training Talks and Employer Guide to Occupational Health and Safety Programs

Agricultural Health Study

This study explores the potential causes of cancer and other diseases in farmers and commercial pesticide applicators.

Pesticide Information

Pesticides and Pest Management: Health Canada

Learn about what the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency does, about the registration process and product evaluation, and access reports and publications.

Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) Decisions and Updates

Links to fact sheets on active ingredients that have been registered or re-evaluated.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (U.S.)

Check out this site for information pests, pest control and pesticides:

re-evaluated pesticides:

* Some US websites may have information on products that are not registered for use in Canada.  Please consult the PMRA label search to determine the registration of any product before use.*
For MSDS sheets, contact the company using the information provided on the label.

EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork (U.S.)

This site is a cooperative effort of the Universities of California-Davis, Oregon State, Michigan State, Idaho and Cornell University.
It is a wealth of well organized information on pesticides, toxicology of specific pesticides, and general questions on pesticide safety.

National Pesticide Information Centre (U.S.)

A great source of factsheets and PODcasts.

US Centre for Disease Control - Toxic Substances Portal (U.S.)

Basic toxicology info for a variety of chemicals, including some pesticides.

Ornamental plant sites

Oregon State University Dept of Horticulture Landscape Plants (US)

Images, identification and information organized alphabetically by genus.

Woody Plant Identification System (US)

Not sure what that plant is?  Here is a database for identifying woody plant species.

Integrated Pest Management

Radcliffe’s IPM World Textbook (U.S.)

An online resource for integrated pest management, with links to other websites and to posted chapters.

Biological Control: A guide to natural enemies of North America (U.S.)


Biobest’s Side Effects Manual

Follow the tab at the bottom for a calculator of how each pesticide may affect your beneficial insects.

Koppert Biological Systems

Dutch site that allows you to select the beneficial that you want to protect and the pesticide that you want to spray to see the potential effects of the spray.

Introduction to Abiotic Disorders of Plants (US)

The American Pathological Society’s education section has a site page specific to abiotic disorders. This site include a link to a Resource List

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook

This site is a great resource for plant diagnostics.  Enter the common name for the plant and get a list of disease for the plant with details on symptoms and great pictures.





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