Friday 28 February 2014

Online Survey: assistant applicator licence

The Government of BC is currently proposing revisions to the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation. Under the current legislation, one certified applicator can supervise up to four uncertified individuals. The revisions propose: 
  • requiring that all people applying pesticides to public land, rights-of-way, forest land or on a fee-for-service basis be trained;
  • removing the provisions allowing uncertified applicators to apply pesticides under the supervision of certified applicators, and;
  • establishing an assistant applicator category that may perform some, but not all, of the duties of a certified applicator.
They are interested in soliciting feedback on these proposed revisions, specifically from services licensees and authorization holders that would be affected by these changes.
The survey has now closed and the ministry is compiling the results. When they are available we will post them to this site.