Monday 9 December 2013


The Ministry of Environment recently sent out an intentions paper asking for responses to  proposed changes to the current IPM legislation for BC. The recommendations in that paper were not part of the sensible science based decisions from the Special Committee on Pesticides. It appears that virtually the entire report from the committee was ignored in favour of an Ontario style IPM.  The IEPMA responded along with other pest management groups that the proposals as written will put BC on the brink of a full pesticide ban with the simple elimination of use by applicators.

The position of the IEPMA and other groups has not changed:

- the PMRA is the authority on product safety when used according to the label not the political correctness of the  government of the day.
- the province should implement the recommendations of the Special Committee on Pesticides
- the province should amend the Community Charter to remove the ability of municipalities to further restrict pesticide thereby allowing all residents of BC access to safe approved products
We welcome any opportunity  to work with the ministry on developing sensible science based rules that recognizes the value of the PMRA and balanced Integrated Pest Management legislation.

Click here for the cover letter and the IEPMA submission.

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